Need to Send Us a Service?

We accept service packets by email. Just send it to services @
Please include service instructions in your email and be sure to specify the service level (Routine, 3 Day Rush or Same Day Rush)

Service Team

Bill Powell - Owner/Lead Investigator
email: bill @

Dee Powell - Owner/Accounting
email: dee @

James Hannah - Office Mananger
email: james @

Kim - Out of State Service Co-Ordinator
email: kim @

Scott - Lead Courier
email: scott @

Bernie - Investigator/Background Screener
email: bernie @

Jazmin - Service Co-Ordinator
email: jazmin @

Samantha - Service Co-Ordinator
email: samantha @

Linda - Office Assistant
email: linda @

Andrew - Background Screener
email: andrew @

The Owners

  • Dee Powell

  • Bill Powell

Phone Numbers